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Cardinal shoves Reds fan, Fan flips bird

Chris Smith 1, Matt Adams 0.

First of all, I don’t really think Matt Adams “shoved” Chris Smith, the Reds fan.

“I’m not that type of guy to go after anybody,” Adams said, “I was just trying to stop from going into the stands and stop from falling in there.”

Now, that is complete BS.  Adams clearly made contact with Smith and it had nothing to do with trying not to fall into the stands.  I think it was more of a “Ok, dude…you got me” type of slap.  It did not appear to be violent and, in my opinion, doesn’t warrant further action by Major League Baseball.

Smith did not interfere with Adams.  He did not reach out into the field of play.  He simply made the catch.

I don’t have a problem with the fact that he gave Adams the finger.  I have certainly flipped a bird or two in my day.  However, most people are missing the best part.  Immediately after Adams touched Smith, the fan taunted him with the ball!  I love it!